Another Realm

I want to pass into the realm

Where another’s at the helm

Where other forces pull the strings

A place beyond mere earthly things

Yet I live in this world now

Can I not do both somehow?

Live my life here on the earth

Yet not enslaved to its dearth?

There is another realm to know

A place besides this world to go

Where there is a peaceful way

Where all life’s stresses don’t dismay

This other realm is just as real

Unlike the earth it does not steal

The joy set forth for all our days

It showers love to loud horrays!

This mystery can be known quite well

If our hearts they want to dwell

On things above and not below

For then your heart shall surely know

I pray your heart and soul abide

For the Lord to your guide

For our days can surely be

In heavens realm with Holy Thee

WGS 10.14.22

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