Edge of Darkness:

We live in a world where we can enjoy beauty, laughter, wonderful weather and bounty one day and the next day face evil, darkness, pain, doubt and heavy burdens. Yet, in either case, we all have the promise of the nearness of God. I’ve often considered God’s presence a bit like The Matrix. I’m in the ‘ordinary’ world, yet I know another world is just a thought away. I thank God that He is indeed with me and He is

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Heart Lessons from CoronaVirus

There’s a lot being written about the CoronaVirus….how to thrive in quarantine, how to do social distancing, what the latest statistics are, what’s shut down, etc.   But I want to invite you to go inward and examine your heart and how this new environment has affected your motives and heart.   As I reflect, it has certainly forced me to look inward at my heart. First, my heart feels frustrated and a bit out of control.   Not so

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Thanks in Loss

A dear friend who I grew up with had a major stroke a few days ago.  He's in ICU and recovering slowly.    Yet, in the midst of their family's pain, I hear a calm, thankful confidence in their Facebook posts.   By what means does this concerned yet rejoicing tone exist? - In our broken world, we all suffer pain and loss....some small, some big.   Relationships will be broken, food will be scarce, friends will have strokes, bank

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